Gskyer® Instruments Infinity AZ 80mm Refractor 400mm Science Telescope Kit


Gskyer® Instruments Infinity AZ 80mm Refractor 400mm Science Telescope Kit 


The Gskyer Instruments Infinity AZ 80mm Refractor 400mm Science Telescope kit is ideal for use of stargazers, beginners in astronomy, kids and travelers.  One of the models in the Gskyer Infinity Series, the AZ 80mm Refractor telescope boasts of quality optics as well as altazimuth mount. It also has a 3.2-inch aperture for bright and sharp images. This telescope is also easy to assemble despite the numerous parts that come with it. With all its features, this model is suitable for people who have just started in astronomy. Whether you are a beginner or a newcomer in this hobby, a refractor telescope like this offers a great to explore the galaxy and get a view of celestial and land objects.



Relatively a new model, this Gysker Infinity AZ 80mm Refractor Telescope has a focal length of 400mm as well as focal ration of f/5. It also has a rack-and-pinion focuser and three eyepieces that are available in 25mm for low, 10mm for medium and 5mm for high magnification. And to double the magnification power, the kit comes with a 3x Barlow lens. Its components are a combination of metal and plastic parts that are in good quality. The telescope also comes with a 4.5” high and is adjustable yet relatively low that you need to bend to get a view of the objects as the telescope is pointed upwards. The steel tripod has a lever that you can turn to keep it stable.  There is also a space in the center of the tripod, the accessory tray, which serves as a storage space for accessories while exploring the sky. For enhanced brightness, the telescope sports a multi-layered glass green-coated optics. It also comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly, complete with pictures of the parts. For size, it is small and quite portable especially if there will be a case available to put it in.

For viewing, the altazimuth mount has a slow motion control along with the adjustable tripod that can also be folded up. These features give better tracking of objects at any time of the day. As for the spotting scope or the finder scope, it can fall out too easily. The altazimuth is also adjustable. By loosening the large bolt, you can now swivel the altazimuth. Moreover, the mounting mechanism is pretty much assembled that you only need to tighten it. The telescope also has a lens cap you can remove to get more light.


Pros and Cons

The Gskyer 400mm telescope is a good choice for new astronomy hobbyists and is easy to assemble. It also comes with three eyepieces that give you more choices it terms of magnification. The tripod can also be folded up and the telescope itself is compact that makes for its portability. Moreover, it can be used day and night.

A drawback of this telescope is the attachment that holds the eyepiece when it comes to viewing the sky. It might be a tad inconvenient to bend so you can look at the Moon. It also has a rather low tripod although it will make do.



Overall, the Gskyer® Instruments Infinity AZ 80mm Refractor 400mm Science Telescope Kit is a fine product for its price. Despite few cons, this refractor telescope still gives clear and sharp images of celestial objects and users who are just starting in astronomy will find this telescope useful.


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