Celestron SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope


Celestron SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope Full Review


The Celestron SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope is a truly revolutionary product that sports ground-breaking technology, having been developed through several years of telescope advancements. It uses an intelligent on-board computer, electronic motors, digital camera and the StarSense technology that makes for an instant and automatic alignment telescope that does not require input from users. Using it is as easy as simply turning it on, pushing a button and then enjoying the view.




This telescope from Celestron uses the patented StarSense technology and an integrated imaging camera, so you can automatically align it with the night sky and identify where it is currently pointing. Its camera automatically captures images of the sky that are processed internally to positively identify stars. Once it finds a positive match, the telescope determines the center of the captured image’s coordinates. It automatically repeats the process a couple of times to get three known alignment points that it can use to make an accurate model of the night sky. This means that users will be able to choose any celestial object in the equipment’s hand controller database, with the telescope automatically moving itself to the right position. The general features of the SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope include: fully automatic alignment procedure; fully computerized Altazimuth mount; quick-release fork arm mount and optical tube; stainless steel tripod and accessory tray; CD-ROM; the SkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software; the Sky battery pack that provides over 30 hours of power; and the SkyProdigy computerized mount features.


It is important to note that the telescope’s internal camera does not have an external output that allows users to view and save captured images, which are only used internally for the purpose to self-align the telescope.


Pros and Cons


The SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope is properly aligned and can point to objects correctly. Though objects are not at the center of the frame, they are visible to about 80% accuracy. The Celestron GOTOs are also simpler to learn, thanks to their limited feature set and their better layout. One more pro to this telescope is its much quieter mounts.


On the other side of the coin, This telescopic system has one major flaw, where its digital camera maps the sky and then align the telescope, but it is not permanently aligned and fixed to the telescope tube itself. This means that every time you set up the device, you should mount and then remove its optical tube, as well as its camera and motor assemblies. Also, the unit has mounting screws or dovetail brackets that are used as holders, which see a lot of play, which means that setting them up exactly the same every time you use the telescope would be nearly impossible. This would also mean that the camera will never be aligned and matched to the telescope tube. You would also experience problems of the suboptimal cord with respect to battery box and connector.




All in all, the Celestron SkyProdigy 130 26×345 Telescope offers great views and excellent tracking. It is easy to assemble and operate, which is great for beginners to advanced sky watchers. If you like a simple-to-use telescope, this is a good option.

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