Celestron Omni XLT 150 Refractor Telescope


Celestron Omni XLT 150 Refractor Telescope


If you are searching for an innovative telescope, then the Celestron Omni XLT 150 Refractor Telescope can be a great option. With premium features, it makes it easy for you to observe the night sky right out of the box, without the need to use other accessories. Let us take a closer look at this new instrument.


Reviewing The Features


The Omni XLT 150 looks exceptionally smart, coming as a sleek, short focal-length achromatic refractor that includes a white classic CG-4 German-type equatorial mount and a blue tube. The type of mount it uses is a simple and understated support that can easily be operated manually with just a red flashlight and a star map. When properly centered and aligned, you will be able to trace the movement of objects of interest easily with just a single control as they move along the night sky.


As for the optics, this telescope features a stable platform with high-quality optics that uses aspheric shaping technology, which means that it can show images with virtually no spherical aberration. It also features the StarBright XLT coating system and a multi-coated objective lens to further enhance light transmission and deal with internal reflections from bright objects.


It also comes with a reasonably durable and stable tripod that has tubular steel legs, which quickly settles down when you knock it accidentally. However, the mount does not come with a polar scope.


To sum it all up, this Omni telescope comes with a CG-4 German Equatorial mount with setting circles and slow motion controls that accurately track and locate sky objects; high-quality optics with each mirror or lens being hand-picked to ensure that only the finest grade of optical glass is used; StarBright XLT coatings that provide maximized light transmission; 25mm multi-coated eyepiece with 20-mm eye relief and 50-degree FOV; heavy-duty pre-assembled stainless steel tripod that features legs, bubble level and accessory tray; ball bearings in the mount axis for smooth performance; and an easy no-tool setup.


Pros and Cons


Observing planets using good eyepieces will put color fringing to a minimal or even a non-detectable level, showing crisp, sharp and very high-contrast images. For its price range, this refractor can perform very well. It is very well built with a stable platform and high-quality optics.


However, though it is lightweight for its class, its somewhat large size can make it difficult to haul around in your vehicle. Also, its scope is front heavy, so it would tilt a little on the mount and has to be counterbalanced on the other end. While its focuser is smooth, it has no micro-focus in it. Moreover, it could be difficult for you to find a well-performing tripod, considering the size of the telescope tube.




As a large refractor, rather than a common reflector or other instruments with catadioptric designs, the Celestron Omni XLT 150 Refractor Telescope has a lot to offer to keep you entertained when viewing the night sky for fun or engaging in astrophotography for work. Overall, this telescope is a good investment to make for both beginners and experienced users.

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