Celestron Advanced VX 8 f10 EdgeHD Telescope


Celestron Advanced VX 8 f10 EdgeHD Telescope


As a leader in the optics industry, Celestron has been offering excellent innovative products for several years. In fact, the company is now regarded as one of the most respected manufacturers of telescopes in the world. One of its most recent creations is the Celestron Advanced VX 8 f10 EdgeHD Telescope. Here, we look at what this instrument has in store for us.


 Reviewing The Features


The Advanced VX 8 f10 is an ultimate entry-level astro-imaging package that combines the groundbreaking Advanced VXmount and the best optics from Celestron—the EdgeHD optical system. Its setup provides the astro-imager with the maximum level of versatility that allows up to three different F-stop configurations, which means that you can shoot at f/10 with a camera attached to the rear of the telescope, at f/7 with the use of the upcoming 8-inch focal reducer and at ultra-fast f/2, as it is compatible with Fastar/Hyperstar technologies. So, no matter which configuration you choose, the technology that comes with this instrument can allow you to pinpoint stars all the way through the CCD sensor’s edge.


Aside from the portable Advanced VX mount, this telescope also comes with an 8-inch optical tube, which means that you can easily transport and assemble the set-up by yourself, not to mention that you will also have sufficient load capacity to attach your camera and other accessories.


What is so special about the Advanced VX mount is that it was specifically designed to provide maximum imaging performance for telescopes of smaller sizes, allowing them to take advantage of auto-guider support and the All-Star Polar Alignment. This means that you can track through long exposures with the use of permanently programmable periodic error correction and do some imagings across meridians without performing a meridian flip, thus you will be able to seamlessly view the best parts of the night sky.


Pros and Cons


The tripod and mount are quite solid, so there would be no issues with vibration while viewing through the eyepiece. The optics is very good for its size, and its coatings maximize the light transmission through the front glass. The mount tracks very well, and the mirror focus locks are very useful when photographing. Moreover, setting up this telescope is very straightforward and simple enough for both sophisticated astro-imagers and beginners.


However, the assembled telescope would be far too heavy to move even to short distances. Also, this instrument’s focus knob could have more precise control.




The Celestron Advanced VX 8 f10 EdgeHD Telescope is an astro-imaging instrument that will suit the taste of professionals and amateurs alike. With its Edge HD optical system and light-weight GE mount, it will be easy for you to track star alignments. In fact, it has the best light-weight GE mount on the market today, which is great for tracking objects accurately during long-exposure photograph sessions. All in all, it is a good package for those who are looking for an excellent telescope that is not too heavy to set up and carry around.

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