Celestron 21079 Cometron 114 AZ


Celestron 21079 Cometron 114 AZ Review

A telescope that is perfect for stargazers who have just taken up this hobby is the Celestron 21079 Cometron 114AZ. This Newtonian reflector scope boasts of a large aperture that allows for collecting lights in great detail. It is also designed with a focal ratio that is fast which makes it possible for you, the user, to get a wide field of view for stargazing and exploring the night sky. The 114 AZ also sports glass optics that are fully coated to ensure clear, crisp images, including galaxies, star clusters and bright comets. For sharp images, this telescope also has quality optical design.



This lightweight and portable telescope from Celestron is ideal for kids and beginners. Its weight at 12 pounds makes it portable and easy to grab. It also has a large aperture of 114mm that is big enough to allow for more collection of light to show images in great detail. Moreover, it has a fast focal ratio that gives the user a wide field of view of the celestial bodies. As for optics, it sports a superb optical design-parabolic mirror that removes spherical aberration and delivers sharp images. Another appealing feature of the Cometron 114 AZ is its not having the need for tools to setup the telescope. It also has a pre-assembled tripod made from steel material. It also has a panning handle and is adjustable that makes it easier to handle. The finderscope of this beginner’s telescope that gives the user a wide field of view that allows for easy alignment of the telescope to the part of the sky the user wants to explore. The telescope has an altazimuth mounting that gives it stability and allows for repositioning the scope in different directions. As for operation, this model is not automated and is not designed with motorized components. Basically, the user needs to manually track the celestial objects. Other features of the Newtonian telescope include a useful magnification of 16-269x, 450mm focal length, 3.95 focal ration as well as 10mm and 20mm Kellner eyepieces. The focal length and ratio are designed to make tracking of comets easier while the eyepieces ensure optimal clarity.


Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of owning the Celestron 21079 Cometron 114 AZ is its affordability. Moreover, it is lightweight at just 14 pounds and it stable because of its pre-assembled tripod and base mount. It also gives a clear view of the night sky.

Conversely, it does not have computerized or motorized motors so manual operation is required. Focusing might also take a while because there are some instances where images bleed. While the finderscope makes it easier to alight the telescope with the part of the sky to be explored, its aperture collects less light as opposed to some models and the focal range is not enough. It limits magnification levels when it comes to small field of vision.



Overall, Cometron 114 AZ is great for beginners because of its affordable price and features. Although it has flaws like lack of automation and occasional bleeding images, this telescope still offers a clear view of the sky and celestial objects.


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