Best Telescopes for Kids and Young Children

Buying the Best Telescope for Kids And Young Children


There are a lot of toys that you can give your child nowadays. But, if you're looking for something that will spark his curiosity and make him more eager to learn about science, you won't go wrong with giving him a telescope. With this piece of equipment, you'll introduce him to the wonders of astronomy and maybe even start a lifelong passion for celestial objects.


The question now is this: which telescope is the right option for your child? Only you can determine the answer since the appropriate telescope should match your child's age and skill level, but you can start your search by browsing through some of the best telescopes for kids:


Top Kids Telescopes


1. Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Talking Telescope

best telescope for kids


This is a great option for children aged five to eight years old, but even toddlers will have fun playing with this telescope-and-slide-viewer combo. It has a detachable telescope that comes with 4x magnification and a wide eyepiece and allows your child to clearly see nearby objects. It also has a slide viewer that spouts scientific facts via audio as your child views the 20 included slides.


2. Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope

Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope


The Moonscope is a refractor telescope that has 18x and 90x magnifications and comes with a tripod, a finder scope, and 4mm and 20mm all-glass eyepieces, making it perfect for young astronomers who are curious about the moon and the entire solar system. The Moonscope itself doesn't require any batteries, although you'll need to buy a couple of AAA batteries to power the built-in LED light on the tripod. Included in the kit is a journal and activity guide that gives instructions and tips on how your child can enjoy the telescope.


3. Celestron COSMOS FirstScope Telescope

Celestron COSMOS FirstScope Telescope


This Dobsonian telescope is lightweight and portable, making it a great companion for active kids since it can be brought along during sleepovers, camping trips, and other excursions. Its simple design makes it easy to use even for little kids, and it's easy to set up since it's delivered almost completely pre-assembled. It comes with two Kellner eyepieces and can magnify celestial objects up to 180x, which means that your child can easily see the moon and nearby planets.


4. Educational Insights Geosafari Omega Reflector Telescope

Educational Insights Geosafari Omega Reflector Telescope


If your child is ten years old and older, he'll definitely love this reflector telescope. It comes with seven magnification options that can reach up to 300x, making it an ideal choice for kids who want to go beyond the solar system and see nebulas and other deep-sky objects. The Geosafari Omega Reflector Telescope is designed to be rugged and portable, so you kid can lug it around with him wherever he goes.


5. Celestron COSMOS 90GT WiFi Telescope

Celestron COSMOS 90GT WiFi Telescope


This is another great option for older kids. With Wi-Fi functionality, this 90mm refractor telescope can be controlled through the free COSMOS Celestron Navigator app on your iOS and Android devices. It can reach a magnification of 213x and lets you automatically locate more than 120,000 celestial objects. This telescope is a bit pricier than the others but, if your child is serious about astronomy, it's definitely worth the investment.



These are just some of the best telescopes for kids. Start researching now to find a make and model that suits your child's needs and your budget.

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