Best Telescope Brands On The Market Today

Best Telescope Brands


With so many brands of telescopes on the market, we frequently get asked “What is the best telescope brand?” With that question in mind we have chosen what we feel are the best telescope brands on the market today. There are quite a few telescope manufactures, but to us these stand out in today’s market as the best.



Celestron telescopes come from a California-based company that manufactures and distributes telescopes as well as binoculars, microscopes and spotting scopes, among others. Celestron has been known for its cutting-edge technology and innovation when it comes to its products. In fact, it has become an authority in producing superior optics. All its products have ergonomic design as well as coated, high quality optics to ensure clearer images at high magnification. Having been active in the industry for five decades, Celestron has come up with models such as the Celestron NexStar 130 SLT for beginners and the 4SE for amateurs. Over the years, this brand has become famous when it comes to telescopes and continues to offer different models for beginners, amateurs and professional astrophotography enthusiasts. Celestron telescopes are known for being lightweight and equipped with parts and features that make them recommendable to consumers.



Meade telescopes are made with quality craftsmanship that makes them appealing to all types of star-gazing and astronomy enthusiasts. These telescopes are designed with the users of all level in mind, thus, the user-friendly design of all the models. Moreover, these telescopes come in various sizes and models to meet the demands and requirements of the users. Meade telescopes can cater to beginners as well as advanced users. With their stellar lenses and computer controls, these telescopes offer precision when it comes to astronomy. Also, some of the models come with audio software to guide the users while accessories are also available to enhance user experience.



This brand of telescopes has been in the market for years now and is known for its advanced motorized “go-to” technology.  This feature in Bushnell telescopes makes it possible for the unit to automatically search and track any object that is included in its 20,000 object database. This brand offers reflector, refractor and Casse grain telescopes. They also have the Bushnell Voyager series as well as Bushnell Deep Space telescopes to meet whatever requirements are there. Bushnell telescopes are powerful and can be used with ease even by beginners and intermediate astronomers.



This brand of telescopes is equally popular among all levels of telescope users and enthusiasts. The company was started in 1975 in California and sells telescopes intended for the use of beginners, intermediate and advanced users. The types include Newtonians, Cassegrains, Dobsonian and Maksutovs, among others. There are also a series of Dobsonian telescopes that have GoTo and tracking capabilities that make Orion telescopes at par with other popular telescope brands.



Although most of the telescopes with this brand are made for the use of amateur astronomers, these products are still made with unique design and professional quality. Some of the designs of these telescopes are scaled so as to provide a range of focal lengths. The apochromatic refractor telescopes manufactured by TeleVue come in different diameters and with reduced chromatic aberration.



What makes this telescope brand popular among sky gazers and astronomers is that these apochromatic refractors are tested and assembled individually with the use of latest technology and innovation. Moreover, telescopes carrying this brand have high quality components and yet are affordable. Another reason that makes this brand popular is the warranty that comes with the optical and mechanical parts. Stellarvue telescopes have also been proven to be built to last.



With these brands in mind, it should give anyone asking the question of "What is the best telescope brand?" a good place to start. Keep in mind all the factors listed above and the pros and cons of each. In no time you should be able to find something that fits your needs and is within your budget.

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